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We Went to The River Bank... (Raftim Lab-e Rudkhane…)


A young teacher comes to a village. He soon finds out that half of the few students of his class cannot come to school due to the destruction of the bridge between two villages. While the villagers do nothing about repairing the bridge, the teacher repairs it with the help of the students. However, he gets ill and the school, which has been closed for a couple of weeks before his arrival, is closed again. Hassan, one of the students, insists that the school should remain open even if it is just a pretence, because the father of one of the girl students, Somayyeh, has threatened that if the school gets closed again, he wouldn't let her come to school and she has to stay at home and weave carpets with her sisters…

Cast & Crew

Director & Editor: Behnam Behzadi

Screenwriters: Hamid-Reza Lavvafi & Behnam Behzadi

Camera: Farzad Jodat

Music: Hooman Farshid-Mehr

Sound: Hassan Zarfam

Cast: Amir Zakipour, Hassan Taghavi, Ali-Akbar Nabian, Somayeh Khanian

Producer: Mansoor Emami

Production: IRIB Channel 2


Vedio, 26 mins, 2004, Color

Additional Info

  • Duration: Vedio, 26 mins, 2004, Color
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